Do you see the world a little differently than other people and want to express your emotions and impressions into drawing and sculpture? Are you already trying to do it, but you lack theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working with materials? Of course, you can continue working independently, but you can achieve success much faster by studying the basics of fine art under the guidance of an experienced master, a famous sculptor, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine – Vasyl Byk.

Vasyl Byk and his colleagues offer you their knowledge and experience to develop your creative potential in the following areas:


Sculpture courses include clay and plasticine sculpting. During the classes, special attention is paid to the construction of volumes, the interaction of form with space, the understanding of harmony in plastic, rhythm and weight in sculpture. The classes with the master of modern sculpture will help you complete forming a three-dimensional vision of objects and learning to embody them through material.


The program of painting classes covers the technique of working with oil, watercolor, tempera, and gouache. Practical skills are formed while drawing a still life. Under the guidance of a professional artist, you will master the concept of color, learn about its properties, and develop a correct understanding of the interaction of colors.


In graphics courses, you will get to know in details the varieties of this type of fine art: easel, book, poster, applied, architectural graphics. Practical classes in the production of linocut will allow you to develop professional skills.


In these courses, you will master the construction of objects on the plane of paper, learn to compose images in perspective, and get acquainted with the principles of organizing space. Consolidate the acquired knowledge with practical lessons – drawing from memory.

Thanks to the proposed courses, you will definitely make significant progress in the chosen field of fine arts, because all the conditions have been created for this:

  • courses are performed by professional sculptors and artists who have gained recognition not only in their country, but also abroad;
  • the group includes no more than 8 people, which guarantees proper attention of the teacher to each student;
  • classes are held 2-3 times a week for 2-4 hours, i.e. exactly as much as is necessary for good assimilation of the material without information overload;
  • communication with interesting creative people and priceless pieces of advice on developing your potential as absolutely free bonuses!

Apply for Vasyl Byk’s courses – and the Artist’s workshop will open its doors for you!